Tublian Prompt Engineering Challenge ($100)

Tublian Prompt Engineering Challenge ($100)

Build a Discord Bot using Prompt Engineering

Welcome to the Tublian Prompt Engineering Challenge! This competition allows you to improve your programming skills, showcase your expertise, earn Streetcred, and win prizes.

Build a Discord Bot using Prompt Engineering and Win $100

The challenge is to build a Discord bot named "tubliBot."

However, there's a twist — you must complete this challenge without writing a single line of code! Instead, you'll have to use the power of Prompt Engineering and ChatGPT to generate the entire solution.


  • The bot should include a new slash comma. This command will take two arguments: "type" (with two options, "opensource" and "lookup") and "query" (an open-ended text input)

  • The "opensource" command will allow users to search for Open Source projects, and "lookup" will find profiles of Tublian users.

  • Example: /tubliBot opensource 'python projects with NumPy'

  • Example: /tubliBot lookup nraychaudhuri

Tublian users, view the challenge here. For others, you have to create an account to participate.


The top three participants will be rewarded with gift cards worth $100, $75, and $50, respectively. But that's not all—every participant who completes the project will earn a digital badge and, of course, Streetcred.

Why Learn Prompt Engineering?

In an evolving landscape of software development, working alongside Copilots, AI tools, and LLMs (Large Language Models) is becoming the new standard. Adapting to this reality requires mastering new disciplines like Prompt Engineering.

Prompt Engineering is a cutting-edge skill that empowers developers to interact with AI tools effectively. Integrating AI into your workflow boosts productivity and sets you apart as a forward-thinking developer.

Challenge Duration

The excitement begins now and will continue for the next two weeks, concluding on September 15th. So, don't wait! Dive into the Tublian Challenge today and let your programming skills shine.

Good luck!

Resources to help with the challenge