Tublian Open Source Internship: A Path to Software Development Mastery

Elevate Your Skills as an Emerging Software Developer!

Do you want to contribute meaningfully to the world of Open Source while gaining invaluable real-world experience?

If you answer yes, our 30-day OpenSource Internship program is just what you've been searching for.

“In the past, contributing to OpenSource was a nice have, but now it is a must-have!”

In this comprehensive article, I will walk you through every aspect of the Tublian Open Source Internship.
At Tublian, we are dedicated to helping you grow and take your career to the next level.


The tech industry is pretty crowded these days, so you need something that makes you stand out to land a job. But there's more to it.
Open source can be super helpful for software developers. It makes you unique, gives you real work experience, helps you learn new programming skills, and, most importantly, shows you how to contribute to existing code projects when you're just starting.
At Tublian, we've seen that many developers struggle to get into the Open Source world, mainly because there isn't much guidance or mentorship available. That's why, in line with our goal to help developers supercharge their careers and get noticed, we've launched a 30-day Open Source Internship.

Program Overview

Our program is designed for all developers, regardless of their skill level. However, there are some prerequisite skills we'll discuss later on. Over 30 days (starting Oct 1st, 2023), we'll supply you (accepted developers) with tasks, projects, and the necessary resources to complete these tasks. In addition, you'll have the chance to meet and connect with industry experts and Open Source maintainers during our weekly check-in calls. This offers you valuable learning and networking opportunities.


  • Knowledge of Git/GitHub - check out our YouTube channel for our Git and GitHub masterclass.

  • You must know how to code in a particular programming language; any programming language is welcome. (java, javascript, python etc)

  • Dedicate 6-8 hours a week to complete the tasks

On Completion

Completing our program is a badge of honor. Here's what you can expect once you've completed the 30-day open-source Internship:

  • Sharable Certificate: Showcase your newfound skills with a certificate that reflects your commitment and achievements.

  • Street Cred: Boost your reputation in the developer community and gain recognition for your contributions.

  • Paid Internship Opportunity: For outstanding participants, there's the chance for a paid internship with Tublian, a unique opportunity to kickstart your career.

What You Will Learn

Our program is carefully curated to ensure that you gain valuable skills and knowledge that will set you up for success as an open-source developer:

  • Technical Expertise: You'll learn to work with large codebases, navigate complex projects, and write high-quality code.

  • Team Collaboration: Discover the intricacies of working with distributed teams, an essential skill in today's software development landscape.

  • Real-World Experience: Get hands-on experience by actively contributing to open-source projects, tackling real-world challenges, and building a professional portfolio.

  • Networking: Connect with experienced developers and mentors who will guide your journey.

  • Essential Skills: Throughout the program, you'll develop skills in new coding techniques, best practices, problem-solving, and software architecture.

Application Process

Getting started is simple. We've broken it down into three easy steps:

Step 1: Visit www.tublian.com/internship

Step 2: Complete the onboarding process

Step 3: Wait for an acceptance mail from us

Extra-Curricular Activities

Beyond the structured curriculum, we offer additional opportunities to enhance your learning experience:

Events/Masterclasses: We will have events and masterclasses where you will be taught extra skills needed to survive as a software engineer.

Expert Talks: We will be bringing in experts to give talks on different topics or tools that you might need in your career

Weekly community call: You will have the opportunity to participate in the weekly Tublian community call, where you will connect with other members and experts.

Program Structure

Now, let's break down the program week by week:

Week 1: Learn About Open Source

  • Understand the fundamentals of open source and why it matters.

  • Dive into Git/GitHub and learn how to create a Pull Request.

  • Your first contribution awaits! Start making meaningful changes to open-source projects.

Week 2: Pick Up Your Community

  • Explore the structure of open-source projects and their communities.

  • Learn how to choose the right open-source project for your interests.

  • Discover the power of AI CoPilot for open-source developers.

  • Contribute by improving project documentation and providing valuable feedback.

Week 3: Become a Helper

  • Gain insight into the role of an open-source maintainer.

  • Understand the challenges of managing open-source projects and how to interact with maintainers.

  • Contribute by triaging issues and asking relevant questions.

Week 4: Make Code Contributions

  • Take on the challenge of learning a new and unfamiliar codebase.

  • Participate in a masterclass and make code changes.

  • Contribute to open-source projects by addressing good first issues and easy tasks.


Tublian Copilot: Your AI asistant

Our Copilot is an expert in OpenSource. This AI tool will be your go-to assistance. It can help you:

  • Find answers: Copilot is hanging out on our discord channel to answer any question you have about Open Source

  • Find the right project: Copilot finds projects that align with your expertise. 🔍

  • Simplified Contribution: Let Copilot dissect issues for you, break them into manageable tasks, and guide every step of your contribution. 🛠

  • Connect & Collaborate: Copilot handpicks fellow contributors, laying the foundation for teamwork and expanding your professional network. 🤝

Other resources for this program are:

How We Track Progress

To ensure your success, we track your progress closely. You'll complete tasks, receive feedback, and engage in weekly mentorship calls each week. Your completed tasks will be recorded for certificate and badge purposes.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of open source?

Our 30-day open-source Internship program is your ticket to gaining the skills, experience, and network you need to become a successful open-source developer.

Join Us

It starts on October 1st, 2023

Together, we'll build a brighter future for open-source and software development.