StreetCred: Credit score for developers

StreetCred: Credit score for developers

Build in public and stand out

Tublian Streetcred is a credit score for software developers.

It is based on the idea of “Build in Public” where developers share their journey, projects, and contributions with the rest of the community.

In the age of AI, we cannot rely on certifications, tests, and algorithm challenges. We need an alternative way to determine credibility.

Developers can use Streetcred to showcase their skills and prove credibility.

Companies can use Streetcred to find and hire passionate developers.

Why is Streetcred needed?

As demonstrated many times, modern AI tools and Copilots are good at passing standard tests and solving algorithm problems. (See here, here, here)

Developers will use the same AI tools and copilots to build software because It makes them faster and better.

The bigger question is, should we subject developers to the same questions that AI tools can answer?

Instead, passion, curiosity, analytical thinking, breaking down complex problems, designing the right solutions, and navigating legacy codebases will be critical skills for software developers.

Streetcred score provides a 360-degree view of a software developer, unavailable on typical resumes. It measures the passion, curiosity, knowledge, and skills of developers.

How is Streetcred calculated?

Streetcred is calculated by analyzing online activities and contributions. To achieve that, Tublian connects to all popular sources and developer platforms, including GitHub, Twitter, Blogs, Stackoverflow, Twitch, Youtube, etc.

Streetcred's mechanism is straightforward:

  • Developers connect their online sources to their Tublian account.

  • The system then collects and analyses these contributions, a process we term "proof of work".

  • By measuring parameters such as open-source projects, complexity, size, and languages on GitHub,

  • Tublian generates a Streetcred score.

The Tublian Streetcred score provides insights. Developers use the score and the analysis to get better. Companies use the score the find and match developers for their next project.

Streetcred is an excellent tool for emerging developers. It decouples the credibility from "years of experience". The score is based on your actual work and contribution.

Next time an employer asks for years of experience, show your Streetcred score.

How are companies using Streetcred?

Companies use Streetcred to find talented and passionate developers with proven skills quickly. It removes much of the guesswork & reduces the time to hire and hiring risk. Streetcred provides a comprehensive evaluation that goes beyond traditional resumes.

Streetcred helps identify talented developers based on their work rather than years of experience.

Streetcred enables organizations to cut hiring costs, build sustainable engineering teams, and leverage a universal score to hire talent globally.

How are developers using Streetcred?

For developers, Streetcred is an opportunity to stand out, build an online presence, and gain relevant experience. It's an objective, data-driven metric that developers can use to showcase their skills and manage their careers, irrespective of background, education, or location. By connecting with other developers on Tublian, they can build a professional network and discover unique career opportunities.


The software development landscape is changing we need to change how we evaluate developers. Streetcred, founded on the principle of building in public, heralds this new path forward.