Learning with AI: Prompts and Personalized Learning.

8020 is to learning what ChatGPT is to conversation: both tailor content to your needs.

Learning with AI: Prompts and Personalized Learning.

Learning new skills is crucial, especially in fields like software engineering, where staying current is vital. Whether you’re picking up a new skill, understanding a concept, or keeping up with your current tech stack, continuous learning is essential.

Over the years, we've shifted from traditional classrooms to online platforms. In 2016, I learned to code entirely online without entering a classroom. Today, this trend has evolved even further, with universities now offering degrees completely remotely.

Online learning is widely accepted but comes with challenges:

One Size Fit All: Many online courses are extensive and start from the basics, which isn't always necessary.

Distractions: Excessive content can lead to distractions, reducing learning effectiveness.

Cost: These courses can be costly, particularly when you only need part of the material but must pay for the entire course.

It often feels like you're obligated to complete an entire course once you've purchased it, even if you only need a specific section.

Tublian 8020

Tublian's 8020 provides an effective, personalized learning approach by focusing on the crucial 20% of content that delivers 80% of outcomes. It combines quality content with practical exercises and tailors learning paths to each user’s skills, goals, and pace, ensuring knowledge is not only gained but applied.

To use 8020 effectively...

Start with a clear goal.

  • Preparing for a Job Interview: Input the job description into 8020 to generate a custom learning plan that builds on your existing knowledge and focuses on areas you need to improve.

  • Learning Something New: Have 8020 create a personalized roadmap optimized for speed and effectiveness. For instance, if you're a JavaScript developer looking to learn Python, 8020 will tailor lessons using familiar concepts.

  • Upgrading Skills: Allow 8020 to concentrate on crucial upgrades without rehashing known material, highlighting key resources to enhance your skills.

How 8020 Works

Enter Prompt: Everything begins with a prompt. Prompt 8020 with details of what you would like to learn and watch it perform the magic.

Hints to crafting Effective Prompts:

  • Be as descriptive as possible

  • Personalize your prompt for optimal results.

Select a filter: You can select learning content based on your preference. Choose between video or blog article formats. You can also select a timeline (recent vs popular content). Tublian 8020 offers maximum personalization.

Deep Dive: After the initial learning phase, the deep dive feature allows you to explore a specific topic more in-depth.

Answer Questions: Practice makes perfect. Answer questions and validate the knowledge you just acquired.

8020 is to learning what ChatGPT is to conversation: both tailor content to your needs

The Future of Learning: Generative AI

8020 represents the next level of generative AI, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Visit https://www.tublian.com/8020 to get started on your personalized learning journey.