Kicking off 2024

Kicking off 2024

Empowering Developers to Scale

Happy New Year to all! I hope you enjoyed a fantastic break.

As we step into 2024, let's take a moment to reflect on the milestones of 2023 and unveil our ambitious plans for this year.

2023: A Year in Review - By the Numbers:

  • We started the year with 200 users and grew by 3000%. Now, we welcome around 200 new users daily.

  • Our Discord server had five people (our team) and now hosts over 2000 members.

  • We've expanded our reach to over 100 countries, with Africa, India, and the USA emerging as our top regions.

Here is a quick recap of 2023

Preparing Developers for Tomorrow

In 2023, we navigated the challenges posed by the rapid evolution of Generative AI in developer-centric tasks. While AI reshapes the market, we amplified developers' productivity by 10x using personalized AI assistants.

Key Developments:

  • AI Copilot for Open Source: Empowering thousands to contribute to open source effortlessly.

  • Tublian Challenges: Crafting hands-on, real-world experience for emerging developers.

  • AI Copilot Jobs: Streamlining job matches to boost job offer success.

  • AI Copilot for Learning: Keeping skills sharp and current in the AI-driven landscape.

All these are driven by one simple theory:


Showcasing Credibility in the AI Era

Establishing Streetcred as a new paradigm for showcasing skills and experience. It's about making every passionate individual with the right attitude a part of the global marketplace. Your background, location, or education is not a constraint anymore.

This will become more important this year as AI continues to surpass traditional benchmarks in certifications and coding interviews.

Building Global community

Tublian's heart and soul is its community. We're more than a platform; we're a global tribe of 10x developers.

What started as a place for our team to chat has become a vibrant community of Tublian users talking about open source, learning new skills, building in public, opportunities, and, importantly, helping each other.

2024 and beyond

Our goal is to empower developers to build at a hyper-scale

We're on the cusp of a revolutionary shift in software creation and distribution, similar to the liberation of writers from traditional publishing constraints. This era is set to amplify developer productivity exponentially, enabling even solo developers or small teams to handle large-scale projects efficiently using AI.

Our mission: Transform every developer into a Solo Corporation.

  • Grow 10x Faster: Turbocharge your professional development journey.

  • Build 10x Faster: Leverage Copilot to supercharge efficiency throughout the software development process.

  • Earn 10x More: Unlock the potential for significant income growth.

By nurturing these aspects, we aim to propel individual developers across the globe to unparalleled heights and contribute significantly to the evolution of the software development industry.

It is time to take your ambition and multiply it by 100.

Let's make magic happen in 2024!