Introducing JobSeekers Copilot - GPT for JobSeekers

Introducing JobSeekers Copilot - GPT for JobSeekers

🚀 Supercharge Your Job Search with Copilot

Say goodbye to endless scrolling, generic applications, and missed opportunities. Say hello to precision-matched opportunities and personalized outreach!

JobSeekers Copilot is GPT powered tool to help you with your job hunt.

Why Choose JobSeekers Copilot? 🎯

Find the right match: Copilot analyzes your skills and preferences to match you with jobs that fit like a glove! No more wasted time—focus on opportunities that align with your career goals.

Developer Prompt: Tublian profile aggregates data from all sources (Github, Linkedin, Blogs, etc.). It gives the copilot ability to showcase & share the best version of you.

LinkedIn Connections: LinkedIn profiles of recruiters and hiring managers at your fingertips!

Personalized Outreach: Personalized DMs and cover letters that make you SHINE!

Interview Mastery: Crush your interviews with confidence! Access resources, practice questions, and tips to excel in technical interviews.

COMING SOON: Job hunting while you sleep 😴 Wake up to a fresh batch of curated opportunities!

I know the Job search can be a hustle, and I hope this tool helps with your job hunt. Give it a try.

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Take control of your career and unlock your full potential today!