Finding Your Ideal Coding Partner: A Guide to Pair Programming on Tublian

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Finding Your Ideal Coding Partner: A Guide to Pair Programming on Tublian

Software development is a team sport. Pair programming is a great way to collaborate with other developers, build innovative solutions, and build a professional network.

Pair programming is a software development technique where two programmers work together at one workstation (virtually or physically). One programmer, the "driver," writes the code, while the other, the "observer" or "navigator," reviews each line of code as it is written. The two programmers switch roles frequently.

While you can pair program with co-workers, it can be challenging to find a pair partner especially when you are contributing to an open-source project or freelancing. This article will show how Tublian can help you get pair partners and collaborate.

How the Tublian Pair Programming Feature works.

  1. Create a Tublian Account: Go to and sign up using your GitHub account to create a personalized profile that showcases your skills and experience (think of it as an online developer portfolio).

  2. Find Open source projects using Tublian's AI copilot (see this article on how to find good issues).

  3. On the project page, select an issue you'd like to tackle and click the "Find Pair Partner" button.

This will broadcast your request to the Tublian and the Tublian Discord community, letting other developers know you're looking for a pair partner.

Browse Pairing Requests

The Tublian dashboard also simplifies finding a coding partner. Browse Available Requests from your Tublian dashboard. These developers are actively looking for someone to pair with.

Once you "Accept Request," Tublian will connect you with the developer and send an email letting them know you're interested in collaborating. The message will also be posted on our Discord server.

Finding a pair partner on Tublian is simple and straightforward. Connect with the person, chat, and pair program.

We are excited to see what you all build. Let's go