Become 10x developer with ChatGPT

A tool in your toolbox

ChatGPT - New Buzz

ChatGPT has been out for a few months now, and everyone has their own opinion. But one thing is for sure - it is very impressive. It is a deep learning model trained to interact with its user conversationally. Maybe the first step towards AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) - An intelligent agent to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can.

Maybe we should ask ChatGPT.

What can ChatGPT do?

  • It can debug your code and have it fixed too.

  • It can generate SQL queries.

  • Detect security vulnerabilities (gpt3_auditor)

  • Deploy virtual machine (Building a virtual machine)

  • Tweet in style

  • Pass AWS certification

As developers, should we be worried about this?

Why should we even learn to code if ChatGPT can do it in a fraction of the time you might take?

Instead of worrying, we should think of this as a productivity tool for software developers.

ChatGPT is impressive, to say the least, and has many advantages. It can make one's job easier by cutting out time-consuming research and writing tasks, but it definitely will not put you out of a job.

A programmer's role is multifaceted and requires a diverse set of skills. In addition to technical expertise in writing code, a programmer must also be able to conceptualize and translate ideas into functional solutions. This process often involves critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration with other team members.

It is also essential to note that Chat GPT is not all-knowing. Regarding programming, it's important to remember that ChatGPT is not an expert in this highly specialized and rapidly evolving domain. While it can provide information based on the data it has been trained on, it may not always be up-to-date or entirely accurate. Therefore, it's best to use the information from ChatGPT as a guide and not as professional advice.

Actually, it is excellent that it can solve and give solutions to tedious repeatable tasks because then you can focus on more exciting things.

ChatGPT - another tool in your toolbox

As a powerful language model, ChatGPT can be a precious tool for programmers looking to improve their workflow and productivity. Here are four ways it can benefit programmers:

  1. Generate documentation/blogs - ChatGPT can help programmers improve their communication skills by providing suggestions for expressing themselves more clearly and effectively in writing, which is especially important for documenting complex code. Additionally, it aids you to be more concise, making it easier for other developers to understand. This would be especially useful for more complex projects.

  2. Code Generation - ChatGPT can assist with code generation based on an example. This can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

  3. Debug code/Virtual pair partner - It can assist you in troubleshooting and debugging your codes by providing suggestions or solutions based on the data it has been trained on.

  4. Research tool - ChatGPT can help you research new programming languages, frameworks, and tools by providing information and resources. This will allow you to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and improve your skills.


We are entering an era when AIs will be available to everyone. This train has left the station. We need to embrace it. As a developer, as an emerging developer, figure out how to make ChatGPT part of your daily workflow and become that 10x developer.

In the end, AI is not taking our jobs, but developers using AI tools might.