AI Copilot for Open Source Contributors

Make Open Source accessible for all emerging developers

Open source always has been tricky for beginners. Not just making flyby contributions but also being part of the Open Source community.

But once you figure it out, the upside is enormous. It can open up gates & opportunities beyond your imagination.

Tublian’s goal has always been to help developers to build in public. Because building in public and contributing to Open Source is one of the best ways to gain experience & build an amazing career in tech.

Today we are excited to share our Copilot for Open Source contributors. With the mission to make open source accessible and simple for all emerging developers.

The Copilot focuses on three core things:

  • Discover Projects: Help you find projects based on your skills & interests. Uses project health metrics to determine the healthy projects & communities.

  • Connect & Collaborate: Copilot handpicks fellow contributors, laying the foundation for teamwork and expanding your professional network.

  • Help you to contribute: Let Copilot dissect issues for you, break them into manageable tasks, and guide every step of your contribution.

Think of a Copilot as a senior Open source contributor working with you side by side. Start your Open Source journey here.

In the next release, we plan to extend the Copilot even further:

  • Quick Setup - One-click to clone a repo and set up a dev environment in the cloud. Fast and fuss-free

  • Enhanced Copilot Assistance - Our Copilot won’t just be your navigator. It will also assist you with those code changes. Like Github Copilot but free.

Give it a spin, and let us know what you think.