2024 Developer's Guide: Advanced Strategies for Learning Programming Languages and Concepts

Being a developer is a never-ending adventure in learning. Whether you're fresh out of Bootcamp or a senior developer, there's always a new language to learn, a framework to master, or an API to integrate.

Here at Tublian, we're obsessed with helping developers grow. Recently, we polled our awesome Tublian X community about their preferred learning methods. And guess what? Documentation came out on top! Most developers like to learn using documentation.

Learning new things can be challenging, but for developers, it's the lifeblood of their careers. So, how can we make it easier, fun, or even faster? In this article, we will explore some top learning strategies for developers!

What skill should a developer learn in 2024?

Last week, Tublian CEO Nilanjan dropped a truth bomb on our discord community. While the tech world is buzzing with layoff news, there's also a ton of hiring – even poaching – happening! (See image 1)

Nilanjan also made another great point (and we totally agree). There needs to be more clarity between the in-demand skills big companies like Facebook crave and what many training programs teach.

So, what hot skills should developers learn in 2024? Nilanjan suggests AI. Big companies are snatching up AI engineers left and right, so why not equip yourself with the skills to develop software using LLM models, especially as an emerging developer?

Preferred learning strategies among developers in 2024.

Documentation: Most development tools and APIs have comprehensive documentation. However, some developers find this documentation unclear or unfriendly to beginners. Nevertheless, according to our poll, it seems to remain the most popular learning method.

YouTube Videos: This method is particularly valuable for learning new programming languages. Watching tutorials and coding alongside the instructor provides a unique and valuable hands-on learning experience.

Articles: Many developers stay up-to-date by reading daily blogs and articles. Excellent platforms like Medium, Hashnode, and dev.to offer educative content. Additionally, Tublian's Explore page curates personalized articles based on your interests, drawing from various popular blogs and refreshing daily.

AI-powered Learning: The AI boom is undeniable. As mentioned earlier, we recommend that developers explore learning how to build AI software and tools due to its high demand. AI can also be leveraged for personalized and fast learning. For instance, Tublian 8020 allows you to curate courses on nearly any topic, framework, or programming language using just a prompt. Many developers are utilizing this tool for its efficient and personalized learning approach, so you should try it.

Share your favorite learning methods in the comments below and help your fellow developers expand their horizons.